General B and The Wiz are:

Quincy Voris (Lead vocals)
Seth Duin (Guitar, vocals)
Kyle Holder (Percussion, vocals)
Kai Brewster (Multi-Instrumentalist, vocals)
Kevin Coughenour (Bass guitar, vocals)

General B and The Wiz is an odd story, and these are the full details. Feel free to skip to the bottom....

In the fall of 2009, college roommates Quincy Voris and Seth Duin thought it would be fun to enter a campus-wide open mic night with a few acoustic-comedy covers. Obviously, they needed a name. While Voris had just spent the Summer commercial salmon fishing in Alaska, he had acquired quite the impressive beard. Initially, Voris shaved it into a design resembling General Ambrose Burnside of the late 1800’s.

Well, "General Burnside" was not enough. The duo had to think of an addition to the name that had flare. Naturally, the two thought that wizards were pretty cool. Therefore, the name became "General Burnside and The Wizard Alliance."

Way too long. Thus, the shortened name was chosen, and seemed to click among their friends and fans.

The following week they performed at the open mic night- which must have been entertaining, as they won 1st place. After spending their earnings ($100) on various snacks, the two were asked to perform at more and more events around campus, where Voris and Duin decided to add their fellow classmate, Erik Wadman, on hand drums to accompany them. While the comedy shtick was fun while it lasted, eventually the crew began to tire of making others laugh at humor that wasn't their own. They needed to write their own music.

The thought dawned on the trio that a bass player was needed to fill out their sound. Wadman calmly suggested that the band take an interest in an old high school classmate of his, Kai Brewster. During their first rehearsal as a full band, Brewster broke a bass string-- an occurrence that none in the band had ever witnessed. Truly, this was meant to be.

The foursome began to rehearse in the Luther College band room multiple times a week. Duin, Brewster, and Wadman would play in a “jam band” style while Voris would write simple melodies and lyrics over the music, eventually evolving into fully-composed songs. They found themselves scheduling more shows around town, eventually leading to dates in surrounding cities and states. Eventually, it came time to record this progress.

Their first album, General B and The Wiz, was recorded modestly in Duin’s basement over a Fall break. Featuring some of the first songs ever written by the band, they enjoyed the “DIY” style of recording. However, by the time post-production came around Wadman was due to be studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. How could they ever perform a stereotypical “CD Release Show” that most other bands do?

As it turns out, Voris was once a drummer in another life. Volunteering to play the songs he was capable of drumming on for the release show, the band attempted a good ‘ol fashioned switcheroo. A friend of theirs from the Minneapolis trio, “Flow and The Mingo’s” played bass and had agreed to fill the role as Brewster played rhythm guitar and keyboards. Thus, Kevin Coughenour joined for one show, and has remained with the band ever since.

In 2012, General B and The Wiz released their second full-length LP, Right in the Head. Recorded in Brewster’s family’s cabin in the Northern woods of Minnesota, Right in the Head features much of the indie blues that the band has become known for, with some added psychedelic-folk directions.

Currently, General B and The Wiz live in Minneapolis, Minnesota where they are busy writing and playing as many shows as possible in the surrounding states. Having played hundreds of shows to date, the band is hard at work writing, performing, and recording new music.

On October 29, 2013 General B and the Wiz released Lie Until You Prove It, a new 5- song EP. Recorded by Ben Durrant (Andrew Bird, Roma di Luna, Dosh) at Crazy Beast Studios in Minneapolis, Lie Until You Prove It blends eras of doo-wop with honest, creative rock and roll. General B and The Wiz have crafted an innovative and driving sound that still remains reminiscent of the bare indie-blues that the band has become known for, while never fearing to take their sounds in exciting new directions.