It's been a little over a year...

by Quincy Voris

It’s been a little over a year since Seth, Erik and I graduated from Luther College. The three of us have since then met up with Kevin and Kai and moved into a house together in St. Paul, MN. The lot of us have been working in various non-profit jobs, and gigging on weeknights and out of town on the weekend. We’ve had an amazing year in the twin cities, and have met many great bands and people in the scene playing around 70 shows since last May, including teaching one of the "Artist and Industry" courses at McNally Smith School of Music. This class  provided me a chance to think about what it means to be an artist, and why exactly I am writing with this band. We are now all able to put on our resume that we are "visiting professors." 

Last week we went into a studio called Crazy Beast in Northeast Minneapolis. The band and I had a wonderful time working with producer and engineer Ben Durant on our forthcoming EP which has yet to be titled. 

Durrant has recorded for Andrew Bird, Dosh and others which we are happy to be placed aside with. We spent a few days working on five tracks and are very pleased with how they are starting to sound, though we are not yet finished-- we'll be heading back to Crazy Beast in July to finish up some final work that needs to be done.  

The five tracks have a variety of different styles ranging from 50’s love songs, to in-your-face rock and roll. Ideally, the music will be ready for release by mid-September. More information will be posted closer to the release date!

This August we will be meeting with Emily Voss who runs Voss Studios in Wausau, Wisconsin to take some professional pictures. Voss, being a fellow Luther graduate, seemed like a natural choice when we started looking for a photographer. On top of our Luther connection, Emily had the privilege of interning with Annie Leibovitz in New York last year.  

Leibovitz photographed for Rolling stone in the 1970’s, and took pictures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono...Needless to say, we look forward to our photo-shoot. Perhaps Kevin will agree to be Yoko. 

All this work we’ve done this year is largely in part because of our friends and fans. Without your support and the positive responses we’ve received since Seth and I started this band fall 2009, there's no way we'd be as busy as we are. Honestly, I never thought I would step into a professional studio to record an album. I thank you all for this opportunity and look forward to recording much more music in the coming years!

-Quincy Voris