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Praises from the presses

"General B and the Wiz had one of the tightest performances of the weekend—it’s clear that the group rehearses their shows, not just their songs, as their seamless transitions demonstrate. Frontman Quincy Voris’s vocals do great justice to the blues-influenced indie rock genre, and the fun that the group had on stage translated easily to the crowd."      
Paul Schmitt, 89.3 The Current

[On acoustic videos] "The personal nature of the video, combined with the acoustic, pared-back performance, all amounts to a spare but stirring clip that captures many of the unguarded qualities of the band that has earned them a solid fanbase throughout the Midwest."
-Erik Thompson, City Pages

"Not knowing what to expect as they set up their equipment, I saw all the musical instruments I enjoy: with guitars, keyboards and sound boards how can you go wrong? Mixing amazing original material with covers that allow for them to truly show their musical talents they set the tone for the rest of the evening...With the ability of the band members to simply look at each other and without missing a beat, create so many wonderful sounds that come together in a fusion of blues and psych rock. They describe it best on their Facebook page, 'we have a weird name and play weird music.'"
-Nikolas Burton, Ikonic Sound

"The emotional landscape of General‘s music prepares one to expect the unexpected. The sense of humor throughout is punctuated with pain. Exceptionally beautiful songs. And on a few tracks, I swear to God I heard Jeff Buckley. Back from the dead to haunt these songs with sad wisdom and hope."
-Sky Church Music

"Voris has a unique voice, which gives the band itself a unique sound. The band was extremely engaging, charismatic and kept the crowd highly involved throughout the night."
-Kalika Valentine-Erickson, The Winonan

"...it's their flawless execution and songwriting prowess that jumps out and rattles your cage like a good rock band should."
-Adam Wiltgen, Driftless Music

"General B and The Wiz are setting a prime example of a collection of songs that might even have been considered an "instant classic" under different circumstances, an LP so well crafted people won't be able to do anything but agree on the quality of it."
-Wasfuersohr Music Blog


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