General B and The Wiz

General B and The Wiz are an adventurous band collectively out of Minneapolis, MN, and Eagle River Alaska.
Stretching cleverly innovative rock to different ends of a sonic spectrum, they are constantly elaborating
their sound to provide a new twist on indie-blues and psych-rock. 

UPDATE - MAY 2016:
General B and The Wiz are currently recording their new album and just completed a fantastic Midwest tour. Keep an ear out for new music soon!

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As the band strives to make music as enjoyable for an audience as it is for themselves, they have crafted a genre described anywhere from "dancey," and "bluesy," to delicately musical or sometimes gritty . While their original music varies around these terms, their influences range from the 1700's to the 1960's, to 2014. Having performed with countless local and nationally touring acts, their unique sound has let them enjoy sharing the stage with just about any genre. 

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