General B and The Wiz are:

Quincy Voris - Lead vocals
Seth Duin - Guitar
Kyle Holder - Drums
Kai Brewster - Guitar
Kevin Coughenour - Bass


Formed in 2009 by Seth Duin and Quincy Voris, General B and the Wiz have come a long way from their origins as a satire band. Since then, General B has gained three members and released two full-length albums along with their 2013 EP, “Lie Until You Prove It.”

General B and the Wiz connects with listeners through a variety of genres by writing songs from the heart and putting on high-energy performances. As collaborative songwriters, they have learned to allow songs to develop naturally while focusing on the essentials of rock and roll. General B and the Wiz delivers high-energy music that will keep you laughing, dancing, and rocking to your heart's content.

The band will be releasing their third full-length album in Summer 2017, recorded with Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis, MN. Be sure to check your calendars to see if a show is coming to your area!